Our team have been busy getting whānau stories out to those who have participated in our rangahau. We have found this process to be the an exciting and powerful part of our project. It really signals the importance of reciprocity in rangahau, which is so often missed or forgotten. In this blog, we give a glimpse into Jess handing over a whānau story to James. We thank Jess and James for sharing with us.

Jess on her experience

Having the privilege of gifting our participants their taonga in the form of a personal story is truly one of the best parts of my job. I love getting to know more about the great things people are doing to stay well and build their lives after incarceration. Meeting with James was definitely one of these humbling experiences and his gratitude shone through as he looked through the pictures in his story. He was truly appreciative to see his journey presented in this form and for me and the team at He Ture Kia Tika this just confirms the work we are doing is tika and worthwhile. 


Reflections from James

There’s a picture in my story that I relate to when I was in counselling and would talk to my younger self. I used to look at it and wish I could tell myself to go home back to my family that were hurting and missing me. The pic is the first pictures in the folder, a photo on my younger self before my life started to go into drug addiction and prison. To have my life story in this form is a surreal moment, but one that I am proud of. I’m proud that I have survived, and am now giving back to those that are now where I once was 🙏💯


Keen to collaborate with us? We are still creating whānau stories and are particularly keen to hear from wāhine and/or people living outside Tamaki Makaurau.

Click here to find out more about the project.

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